Laguna de Apoyo is a clean, blue, thermally vented 48-square kilometer body of water contained inside the crater of the Apoyo Volcano. The Laguna is one of Nicaragua’s most beautiful natural wonders and a great place to relax and chill out.​  Only 30 minutes from Mombacho Lodge the Laguna makes for a great day trip. 

Masaya Market and Volcano

Both Granada and the Isletas are less than 30 minutes from

Mombacho Lodge. We can arrange a combined day trip where you can

experience historical Granada and the Isletas before returning to the

cooler temperatures at Mombacho Lodge. We are not only your Nicaragua eco-lodge but also a base to explore this wonderful region of Nicaragua.

Explore the Area

The Masaya Markets make a great half day trip and are perfect to combine with a trip to the the White Villages.  The tourist market has some really nice things intermingled in with the usual tourist junk. Not far away is the market where the local shop for just about everything they need to run their homes and that is worth a walk through.  If you go wih one of our drivers they will take you for lunch or dinner at a local, typical place.

The volcano is best seen at night when you can see the glowing lava. It's a short view as they move the people along the edge, but to some it is worth it.  We can arrange this for you.

​​Mombacho Lodge is the perfect base for full or half day trips to some of the great attractions the area has to offer. We can arrange transportation and guides to any of the places you might want to see.

Laguna de Apoyo

Granada - the must see city in Nicaragua.
Granada is the oldest colonial city in the Americas. Located on the northwest side of Lake Colcibolca (Lake Nicaragua) it is rich in history with colorful colonial buildings, museums, churches, and a pedestrian street where you will find restaurants, bars and shops.  This is a perfect place to sit and cool off with a refreshing beverage while you soak up the atmosphere of the city. We can arrange transportation there and back leaving you to explore the city at your leisure.


Los Pueblos Blancos (White Villages)

Trips and Tours from Mombacho Lodge

Isletas of Granada
Granada is also the gateway to the Isletas that form an archipelago created by an eruption on Mombacho Volcano some 3,000 years ago. Without doubt the Isletas is a must do tour. You can be picked up from the lodge and meet your guide at the Isletas boat dock from where you will be taken on a wonderful journey around some of the 365 islands. Your experienced guide will point out the bird life and the many unusual trees and plants.

Scattered throughout the hills just 15 minutes from the Lodge are a collection of towns known as Los Pueblos Blancos. Meaning White Villages, these small communities received their name from the method by which the original buildings were constructed using a combination of volcanic rock, water, and limestone that gave them a chalky-white color. 
In addition, the folklore is that some of the original inhabitants whitewashed their homes to ward off evil spirits. Each of the towns offers its own signature craft, whether pottery, furniture, plants, witchcraft or spectacular views.

In the village of San Juan de Oriente you can visit a pottery school where you will be shown the ancient method of making pottery that is still used today. You then have an opportunity to stroll along the main street and go into the various pottery shops and meet the craftsman who will proudly show you their workshops. 

Many of the islands are inhabited. Apart from those few owned by wealthy Nicaraguans the majority of people who live here are fishermen and have built a complete community with schools, shops and even a cemetery. 

the number one natural tour in Granada