Jungle Drums Not Required!


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Mombacho Lodge is just 20 minutes south of Granada off the main road to Rivas (Ometepe Islands) and San Juan del Sur.  

Coming from Granada, look for the entrance to the Mombacho Nature Reserve, marked by several signs and go left at the entrance road. Go past the Park entrance...about 1 KM up the road...just tell the Park Ranger you are going to Mombacho Lodge. About another 1 Km up that road you will see sign for Mombach Lodge on the left...go onto this road. Follow signs to the lodge...it is about 300 meters away.

If you come in your own vehicle and have at least 6" clearance (a normal sized car), you will not have a problem getting here except possibly in the rainy season when a 4WD is occasionally necessary. Not to worry, we can always come down and pick you up at the Mombacho Reserve Reception office and your car will be safe with 24hr security
If you plan to arrive after dark or just want to enjoy the countryside and relax, we highly recommend you allow us to arrange for your safe and comfortable transportation to and from Mombacho Lodge or all of your Nicaragua destinations. The transportation service uses new cars, the owner speaks English and his drivers are polite and punctual. The prices are often less than you will pay to rent a car and fill it with gas.


Mombacho Lodge

Granada, Nicaragua

​+(505) 8499 1029 (claro)

+(505) 7726 4517 (movistar)