Monkeys, Birds, Butterflies, Big Trees, Coffee,

  Cloud Forest, Zip Lines, Granada, Masaya

  and Great Food. All in one place.

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Why this  Granada Ecolodge is "A Special Place"


Reviews about Mombacho Lodge call it a “special place”, an “oasis”. Those descriptions are not about a singular thing but a combination of all that this special Nicaragua ecolodge is...... the tropical forest setting, the clean, bright and private cabins. And, as important for guests who want to see more than the Volcano, we are close to Granada.

Granada is close and easy to get to
You can be in
Granada in 20 minutes where you can see the old town, experience the Calzada (pedestrian street) and take a boat or kayak tour of the lake.  All of that can be done in a day. The night scene is busy on the Calzada with bars and restaurants galore,  but much hotter than Mombacho where you can return to your cabin sleep under a cover (no AC necessary) and wake to the howler monkeys.  Either way, we will get you there and back safely.

Other Attractions and Things To Do are Close By.  (See the “What to Do” Page for Details)
In addition to Granada, the
Masaya artisans market,Laguna de Apoyo, and the White Villages
are all just a short drive away.  So, if you want to swim you can get to the Laguna and spend the day on the lake.  Stay here and go there…the best of both worlds.

But the heart of what we are is right outside your cabin......a tropical forest in all its glory with giant trees, birds, monkeys in the trees above you cabin, a short walk to the cloud forest and the zip lines. And a private porch to relax on and savor it all.

Free and Knowledgeable Arraignments for Local Transport and Attractions
We can arrange reasonably priced transportation to and from the airport, San Juan Del Sur and the resorts on the west coast, Granada, the Masaya Artisan Market, Laguna de Apoyo, San Jorge (Ometepe) or just about anyplace you want to go. Modern vehicles and good, reliable drivers, so you can save time, money and stress and have your adventures on the zip line not the road.

We have our own transportation here  if there should be an emergency or just want a ride up to Las Flores or down to the Reserve Office.

Lower Temperatures than Granada and a Breeze
It is almost always 8 to 10 degrees F cooler up here and we always have a breeze. This combination along with the towering trees and their shade makes it a lot more comfortable day and night at Mombacho Lodge. 

A Quiet Place to Relax
Our Nicaragua ecolodge is not just a place of can do lots of things up here on the volcano, or you can also do nothing but sit on your private porch, read, relax, look at nature and reflect on the peaceful scene or come to the bar and talk with other travelers. You sleep at night without traffic sounds, bombas or loud music under a cover and fall asleep to the many sounds of the jungle.  The monkeys and birds make some noise...but most people find that OK.

Monkeys that Come to See You
And its not just the monkeys who swing in the trees overhead…birds sit in the trees, butterflies flutter on the paths and our night time nature walk with our local guides shows you a whole new world....beyond the birds and monkeys of the daytime.

Meals to Remember
Food in Nicaragua is OK and no more. As you can read on the Trip Advisor reviews for the Lodge and for Mombacho Grill, our food is a cut above. It is always fresh and is a pleasing combination of American styled dishes with local ingredients prepared in a clean, modern kitchen.