​Some other mountain creatures seen at the Lodge...where we are reasonably sure of the name we put it in...otherwise you can help by telling us.

   Sloths....lots of our guests see them, generally a good distance up in the trees.....some on the summit and some right here around the lodge...you have to really be on the lookout as they blend in hardly move a muscle. We have both the two and three toed sloths here...cannot tell what this one is.Type your paragraph here.

   The naked tail wooly opossum (Caluromys derbianus..locally called a comadreja) comes out at night and this one was seen on our after dark tour hike led by Juan, who knows the forest and and the animals and where they                 hang out.

A porcupine just observing from a home in a tree trunk....oiur dogs found this one a time or two and now steer clear.

 Great wildlife.....all around

Mombacho Lodge is right on the monkey highway for two monkey troops.  Here at the Lodge you can see them up here every day from your cabin......they come to you as they pass through the great trees jumping from limb to limb.  

But the lodge is more than monkeys.....all around us  are 100's of other animals...mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and insects....some very rare....that you can see on a quiet walk around the lodge. Come stay with us and discover the natural Nicaragua. It's a naturalist's paradise...and a cool place even if you are not a dedicated animal watcher. Here are a few of the unique recent sightings.

We have the correct name for some and a good guess at others...and for a few we just do not know.  If you do, drop us a line and let us know what it is.

                                                        The best assortment of mammals, reptiles and birds

                                                         in Nicaragua.  All within a stroll from the lodge.



        The elusive tayra (Eira barbara- locally called a pisote) was seen by our keen eyed hikers Pauline and David from Houston Texas not far from the lodge on one of our own trails. Luckily, Pauline had her camera ready! One of many  animals you’ll see  up here with a little patience. We get more sightings on our local trails as not a busy as the trails at   the top.  See here for the legend which protects people who walk home at night and drunks......we have some of each in Nicaragua....

http://www.nicaragua-community.com/el-cadejo/?lang=esh here.