Mombacho Lodge, is right up on the volcano, not just "close by" or with a view....allowing you to explore the many activities on the volcano and to use the Lodge as your base to relax in between activities.  We are the only one up here.  The surrounding area attractions......Granada City and the Isletas,  the Pueblos Blancos (White Villages), Caterina, Masaya Volcano and Market and Laguna de Apoyo are about about 20 minutes from the Lodge. Transportation is easily arranged...with or without bilingual guide/driver....and is very reasonable priced. 

Miles of Hiking Trails
On and around the Mombacho Lodge property are miles of marked, free trails (some hard, some easy) where guests can enjoy great views of Granada, Lake Colcibolca and Dirioma, ogle the gigantic Ceiba, Chilimate and Guanacauste trees, enjoy many species of birds and butterflies and watch the troops of howler monkeys traveling through the trees above.

Horse Trekking in the Forest

 Ride fit, well behaved  horses through the farms in the valley and then into forest trails as you move up the volcano for a memorable experience. Just give us a day's notice and we can arrange it all for a very reasonable price.

Volcano Cloud Forest Tours and Hikes

One of the things that makes us the best Nicaragua ecolodge is that we are located 550 meters above sea level on Mombacho Volcano. 

The Mombacho Volcano Nature Reserve is home to a rare cloud forest with enormous biomass, a unique elfin forest and flora and fauna endemic to the volcano. The volcano has fantastic views of Lake Nicaragua, the city of Granada and the Laguna de Apoyo.

The volcano has three hiking trails at the top: a fairly easy one (Crater trail), a moderately difficult one that circles the main crater (Tigre) and the most difficult trail (Puma). The Crater trail takes about 1.5 hours and Puma 3-4 hours depending on your fitness level. Puma requires a guide the others do not.

Hikers can walk to the top from the Lodge (about 2 hours and steep) or can ride up with one of the two tour companies on the volcano or the park truck..and hike the trails once you get tup there.

Wildlfe......monkeys, iguanas, birds, sloths and a bunch more animals
You'll see the monkeys at the lodge as they come through the trees a couple of time a day...we have two monkey troops, so it can get loud.  Same for a lot of the birds...from the tiny humming bird to the gigantic mountain vultures...if you sit on your porch you'll get an armchair bird watching experience.  You likely will not see all of the 278 species reported to fly and nest here, but you'll see a lot of them. And if you are reasonably quiet, you will see many different birds on the trail as well as sloths, kinkajous and other forest creatures. 

​Night-time Guided Nature Walks

Mombacho lodge offers free locally guided night tours to guests.  You will see nocturnal animal and flowers that are not visible in the daytime. It's a whole different world!

Birding Tours up on Mombacho

Offered by reservation.  Get picked up at 6 am and get dropped off back at the lodge for breakfast. You'll go with a knowledgeable guide who will help you get the most from this great morning tour.

Zip Lines....two to choose from
 Located 2 kms above Mombacho Lodge is a great zip line adventure with Las Flores.... and Miravalle Canopy Tours is located 1 km below Mombacho Lodge and also offers zip line adventures.

Las Flores Coffee Finca Tour 

Located 2 kms above Mombacho Lodge, Las Flores Coffee Finca is an active organic coffee farm and production facility.  See first han how what you drink goes from the berry to the cup.

Granada​...the must see City in Nicaragua
Granada is the oldest colonial city in the Americas. Located on the northwest side of Lake Colcibolca (Lake Nicaragua) it is rich in history with multicolored colonial buildings, museums, churches, restaurants and a pedestrian mall.  It is also the gateway to the Isletas that form an archipelago created by an eruption on Mombacho. 

Less than 30 minutes from Mombacho Lodge, it and the lake are an easy day trip where guests can experience historical Granada and the lake and still return to the cooler temperatures on Mombacho. We are not only your Nicaragua ecolodge, but a base to explore an important part of Nicaragua.

Laguna de Apoyo
Laguna de Apoyo is a clean, blue,  thermally vented 48-square kilometer body of water contained inside the crater of the Apoyo Volcano.  Laguna de Apoyo is one of Nicaragua’s most beautiful natural wonders and a great place to swim. 

Only 30 minutes from Mombacho Lodge, it makes a great day trip while allowing guests to return to the refreshing temperatures of Mombacho later in the day.

Day trips to world class beaches

Just an hour and a half away are some breathtaking beaches..uncrowded and unspoiled.  Go after breakfast and come back for dinner for a full beach day. We can arrange it all.

Los Pueblos Blancos (White Villages)
Scattered throughout the hills just 15 minutes from the Lodge on the way to Masaya are a collection of isolated towns known as Los Pueblos Blancos. Meaning White Villages, these small communities received their name because many of the buildings and streets were once constructed with a combination of volcanic rock, water, and limestone that gave them a chalky-white color. In addition, there are stories where many of the buildings were once whitewashed to ward off evil spirits.

Each town of the Los Pueblos Blancos offers its own signature craft, whether pottery, furniture, plants witchcraft or views.  It is a perfect place to shop for the fine arts and crafts produced by the highly skilled residents of these communities.

Masaya, has a wonderful artisan market situated in an old fort, a thriving town and a large local market where you can see how the locals shop.  In addition, visitors can enjoy the active volcano Masaya.  Masaya, like Granada is only 20 minutes from Mombacho Lodge and is a great day trip for guests who return to enjoy the cooler climate of the mountain.

Come visit us and you will see for yourself why we are the Nicaragua ecolodge

which not only connects you with nature but with Granada city, and more.

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